With your Husband?

With your Children?

With your Self?

What is the most important relationship you will ever get a chance to have in this lifetime?

What is the most valuable relationship you can work on deepening and improving?

What is the NUMBER ONE most important relationship of your life?

Your relationship with God, of course!

So many people seek validation through other means than God.

So sad, and so not worth your time.

People can and will let you down.

Even your favorite people.

Social media will not fill the gaps and make you feel valued.

Your kids will wear you thin.

Your husband will upset you at some point.

And your self image is far less than your actual worth.

You can look for validation hither tither and yon your whole life but He is the only place you will find it.

Once you take your eyes off of your own desires, you can focus on your relationship with God.

Your happiness is not about another human being, a place you are at, or a material object.

When you can see your worth through God’s eyes and can be confident in who you are in Christ, you will become more self assured, stronger, and able to fulfill the role God designed for you.


It is not all about you, and what you want.

Your happiness does not depend on getting what you want.

You can be content in ALL circumstances.

Your joy does not depend on what other people do, or don’t do.

When you know that,  you realize you have God on your side.

God wants you to be happy.



Work everyday to deepen your connection with God.

Work on your relationship with Him consciously.

Go to Him with all of your struggles.

Confess your sin.

Do penance.

Pray without ceasing.

Do good.

Read the bible.

Realize your life has purpose.

Go to church.

Examine your every action, “is this for God, or for man?”

Obey His commands.

In all things, think of Him first.

Relationships are a huge part of the human experience.

If you can work on perfecting your relationship with God first, the rest of your relationships will become easy.

You will no longer sulk with expectations unmet.

You will know you have someone there that always has your back.

You will be fulfilled by Him alone.

Work on that oh so important relationship, all the day’s of your life.

Seek the kingdom of heaven with Him by your side.

He loves you unconditionally.

You can gain great wisdom from that.

“In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us.” (1 John 4:10)

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