if you want to make a real difference in this world,

raise a hippie.

no, not a psychedelic color seeking, bob marley loving, pot smoking, dirty, lazy bum.

a hippie.

don’t know what a hippie is?

let me explain it to you.

a hippie is a free spirit.

a hippie is a free thinker.

a hippie is a lover of nature.

a hippie is a spreader of peace.

a hippie is gentle and kind.

a hippie seeks the truth.

a hippie protects the earth and its living beings.

a hippie is aware of the world around them.

a hippie will take a stand on what is important.

a hippie opposes war.

a hippie eats organic.

a hippie lives sustainably.

a hippie will give animals a voice.

a hippie is non judgmental.

a hippie avoids GMO’s.

a hippie supports local farmers.

a hippie is a spiritual person.

a hippie is not afraid of being their self.

a hippie avoids toxins and uses natural products.

a hippie supports fair trade.

a hippie is energy efficient.

a hippie gives to honest causes.

a hippie helps to spread awareness.

a hippie grows their own garden.

a hippie composts waste.

a hippie recycles.

a hippie loves vintage things and reusing old items.

a hippie cares very deeply about things and events.

a hippie accepts others.

a hippie volunteers.

a hippie loves to travel.

a hippie uses natural healing.

a hippie has an open mind.

a hippie loves their neighbor.

a hippie is honest, truthful, frank and brave.

a hippie seeks peace and love.

a hippie is hopeful for the future.

a hippie takes action to better the world.

a hippie is care free.

a hippie thinks with their heart.

a hippie believes in freedom.

a hippie believes in love.

and lastly…my favorite….a hippie is a Highly Intelligent Person Pursuing Infinite Enlightenment.

Maybe after reading that list you have a better understanding of what it really means to be a hippie.

You see, being a hippie is not all about bell bottom jeans and dreadlocks, but rather, it’s about the belief system and the kindness and openness of your heart.

To be a hippie is to be a lover.

The best way to fix this broken world, is to create a generation of lovers.

Save the world, raise a hippie.


flo flow flowe  flowers true hippie hippiii

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