is motherhood the hardest job there is?

is motherhood the hardest job there is?

True or False… is motherhood the hardest, most gut wrenching, scariest, and dirtiest job in the world?

… is it the most exciting, most joyful, most exhilarating, and most fun job in the world?

one thing for sure, it isn’t super easy…


what a roller coaster of an experience…a push and pull adventure.

my heart pounds every time i think of how fast my kids are growing up.

we are constantly wanting them to learn more, and yet stay just this size for ever.

we want our kids to advance to the next stage in life, and then they do, and we find ourselves longing for that time when they were little again….

it is so sad, and yet most rewarding, to watch my kids morph into their own little {then big!} person.



i get so emotional looking back on memories and pictures of my kids when they were babies.

i can’t help but wonder,

‘did i do something wrong?’

‘should i have done something more, something different, something better?’

‘was i a bad mom?’

the answer i usually come up with is , no.

i like to think that i did my very best for where i was at.

i pushed through the struggles and my kids love me as i love them.

i can’t do more than i know.

but once i know better, i can do better.

if i hold that thought in my head, i can let go of the worry and really KNOW that i am the perfect mother for my kids.



God knit them in my womb, knowing that i could care for them exactly how they needed to be cared for.

He blessed me with their beautiful presence having faith in me, to be their mother.

How privileged am i to get the honor of bringing three wonderful humans up in this world?

i get to guide them and care for them.

i get to be the one to show them the never ending possibilities their lives have to offer…




So, is motherhood really the hardest job?

well, it can feel like work at times, like a tiring never ending load of responsibilities,

but when i look where we have been, and envision where we are going…

i know that this is not a job for me, this is my calling, my passion, my family, and my whole world.

motherhood is life.






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