Hippie Mama Thought Diary

Hippie Mama Thought Diary

Hello #hippiefam ! Long time no blog post…..

It has been a year and a half since I last published a blog post.


Let that sink in self….

What a waste of this small space on the inter webs (not to mention my domain and hosting costs).

Have no fear, that is all going to change starting now!

All of you that have subscribed via email, I am so thankful you have an interest in my website. I hope you are not disappointed seeing me pop up in your inbox again. I had to take a step back, I had to really sit and ponder where I wanted this website to go.

The thing of it is, it was not going in the direction that I wanted it to. I envisioned a beautiful masterpiece of blog posts that would capture what I am all about and would deliver my message clearly. I envisioned earning an income from my blog and having my posts go viral in order to send my message to the world. I envisioned active subscribers and never running into writers block or failing to come up with a new post idea.

Obviously, what I was doing was most definitely falling short.

I am now taking this blog in an entirely different direction. Instead of the “healthy recipe blog” I have been doing so far, I am now turning this into my “Hippie Mama Thought Diary” blog. Whatever particularly inspiring thought I have been thinking, I will write down and share with you!



It is my hope that this thought diary will inspire you to find love, peace and happiness. It is my hope that I can help to Enhance The Well Being Of Humanity. It is my hope that you realize the love that Jesus Christ has for you.

Maybe by writing down my little ah-ha moments, my thoughts during the day when I see God and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, the moments when I am most proud of being a hippie mama, the moments where I am at the end of my rope but still see the light, maybe, just maybe, those moments will inspire you too. They might inspire you to be thankful, to live in the present moment, to see the joy in the little things, to always do your best, or they might inspire you to live the life you always dreamed of. Maybe I can inspire you to take a baby step towards a healthier you or to eliminate toxic elements of your life.


Whatever it is that inspires you, I hope that you can at least find a little bit of joy in reading my Hippie Mama Thought Diary. Thanks for being here. If you are reading this. I love you.

Always remember, you are loved and that you have a friend in me.


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