Hey, there!

I am so glad you are here.

Really, I am.

You know why?

Because I know something….

I know in my heart that you haven’t stumbled upon this blog for no reason.

This was meant to be.

You and I were meant to be friends and allies together in this big intimidating world.

We are meant to link arms to make this life better for each other.

We are a family. The one human race, working together to make the world a better place.






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Always remember, you are loved and you have a friend in me.



This is the not so random thoughts of a healthy hippie mama.

That’s me, Tabitha Kelley.

I’ve always dreamed of being a writer.

I have started many books…but let’s be honest, the internet has books trumped 100 to 1 (in certain respects).

So…maybe someday I will publish an actual book, but for now this blog will be my creative outlet.





I will give you a little background about me before we get started on what this blog is about.


I have always LOVED the computer and doing practically anything on the computer has always been my favorite pass time.

From playing typing games, to video games, to school projects, to chatting online and surfing the world wide web, computer time was my great passion growing up.

I could disconnect from my unpredictable child hood and explore anything in the world that I wanted.





After high school, I worked hard as a CNA {certified nursing assistant} and was enrolled in college to become an RN {registered nurse}, and had future plans of becoming an MD {medical doctor}.

I worked long hours, studied long hours, and went into debt all the while.

I realized after dropping out of two different colleges {and reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad} that the corporate rat race and western {pill pushing} medicine wasn’t for me.






After having my first child, the moment I looked at her I knew that I wanted to be the one to care for her for as long as she was in my home.


I had a deep seeded desire to raise my kids at home but also to  find a way to provide financially for my family, so my SAHM gig turned into WAHM gig.

I  began my life as an entrepreneur and work at home mama.

I looked into all different ways to earn money at home.

From day care to network marketing, etsy to ebay, and everything in between…

I was blessed to have a husband that could support me while I tried to find my driving passion.






After my daughter had a health crisis, I discovered that her and I had an autoimmune condition and several vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

I turned to the computer and the internet to help me to learn as much as I could about my illness.

I found so many wonderful blogs that were so encouraging to me on my path to healing my daughter and myself.

I started to follow these natural bloggers very regularly and soon learned they were making a living writing their blogs.


That is when I started this website. I finally could play on the computer and make money while doing it!

I started with posting all of my autoimmune friendly recipes, and I soon realized, the mundane typing of recipes was not what I wanted my blog to be about.




So instead! I turned it into my Hippie Mama Thoughts Diary!

It has turned into a place that I can freely express my opinions and thoughts creatively.

A place where I can encourage people.

A place where I can connect with like minded individuals.

A place where I can organize my thoughts so maybe I won’t always feel so scatter brained? LOL One can hope, right?

The life of a sleep deprived. artistic. healthy. hippie. mama…..let’s just say, busy.

This blog is my way to stay sane, er I mean, home with my kids as well as make a living.

By supporting this blog you are supporting me!

So thank you! 

Here is what you can expect from subscribing to and reading this blog.

I have an easy to use menu at the top of the website….

I will be writing daily on in one of these 8 categories below

{All are topics that are important to me}


Let me share with you what those words mean to me in my life…..

GOD has my soul. My love for Jesus is ever expanding. I aspire to connect with Him in the Holy Trinity and help to spread His Eternal Love and Salvation. I am a Crunchy Catholic and I feel that is just the best ever.

I am a WIFE. I serve my spouse, my marriage comes first after God, I always try to listen and respect my husband, I strive for the perfect marriage union, I believe my vows are eternal. My husband is my everything and he is my biggest hero.

I am a MAMA I love helping other mamas {and papas} get closer to nature when they are ttc, pregnant, and raising kids. I am a midwifery advocate, I have had 3 medicine free births and 2 home births, I am a breastfeeding, cloth diapering, attachment/gentle parenting, vaccine free and western medicine free, home schooling, organic loving mama!

LIFE and all of its complexities amaze me and I frequently have fun thinking of the different pains and pleasures of life and what it all means. I practice the Law of Attraction and believe that you are what you think about. So think positive thoughts and always be grateful for what you have and you are sure to have a good life.

I am a natural HEALTH promoter. I am a naturopath and homeopath. I am interested in an alternative, holistic, wellness based approach to medicine and health.

Fork’s, KNIFE‘s, and Spoons. Most people eat three or more times a day. You have the opportunity to make your food your ultimate form of medicine or your slowest form of poison. You are what you eat, so don’t be easy, fast and cheap. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. I have my own mini urban farm homestead in the city. I raise my own chickens for eggs and grow a garden to not only teach my children about where food comes from but to reap the benefits of local homegrown food.

I have a HIPPIE heart. That means I am non judgmental, peace loving, happiness seeking and I have a positive vibe attitude. I typically go against mainstream practices when it comes to my lifestyle. I have dreadlocks and practice natural body care. I am a H.ighly I.ntelligent P.erson P.ursuing I.nfinite E.nlightenment

We all face STRIFE in our lives. We all have things we struggle with. It is my hope that all my struggles can help me to learn and grow. I hope to be the change I wish to see in the world. Instead of seeing the negativity in my difficulties I can take action and create change. Activism is a passion of mine, I am involved with spreading awareness about vaccines, GMO’s, and circumcision.

If any of that resonates with you or touches your heart in anyway please subscribe to my blog and share, like and comment!

I am so excited for this new path of sharing The Healthy Hippie Mama’s thoughts on GOD, WIFE, MAMA, LIFE, HEALTH, KNIFE, HIPPIE, STRIFE.

thank you for joining me.



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