10 Steps To The Healthy Hippie Lifestyle

Most of us have a pretty good idea about how to be healthy, but what exactly does it mean to have a healthy hippie lifestyle? What is a modern day hippie, and why would you want to be one? From appreciation of the great outdoors and classic music to spirituality and changing the world, being a healthy hippie is a way of life focused on total wellness for all.  Every one has their unique personalities, but here are my top 10 steps to becoming a healthy hippie. Share if you agree!

1.Diet– You are what you eat. If you have a diet filled with junk food you are not a hippie. Hippies eat an all (or mostly all) organic and gmo free diet. Some are vegan, paleo, gluten free, or dairy free. All diets that hippies follow have proven benefits and each hippie is different in what diet they choose however, all of these diets include plant and/or animal sourced super foods. They eat these super foods in high amounts. These include foods like avocados, coconuts, eggs, ghee, honey, lemons, nuts, seeds, berries, in season fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, and herbal teas. It is important for those that are following a hippie lifestyle to source their foods from local farms as much as they can, eat the foods as whole and raw as possibly and if they are eating animal sourced foods, that the farms are cruelty free and the animals are eating a gmo free diet. The type of water a hippie drinks will also be of importance. A hippie might grow his or her own garden or raise backyard chickens. Bottom line, a hippie knows exactly what they are eating and where it came from.


2. Medicine/Supplements– If you run into a true hippie, they will not bash the hospital (except for birth) but they might give you an earful on why they don’t see a normal family physician. If a hippie even seeks others medical advice, it is from a chiropractor, naturopath, midwife or certified health therapist. Most hippies know that natural medicines are powerful healers, so they do not often visit the doctor for things like infections, colds, or flu, but instead, they have a homemade remedy that will be the perfect cure. They just about never resort to a pharmaceutical made in a lab. Most hippie medicine cabinets are full of natural plants that grow in the earth. Things like roots, herbs, oils, tinctures, spices, high quality vitamins, probiotics, and natural antibiotics. Lots of what a hippie uses as medicine, is actually a food. Take garlic and oregano for example, some of the two most high potency natural antibiotics….available in most homes right now.


3. Beauty Products/Toiletries– If you want to adopt a healthy hippie lifestyle and you have the first two steps down, now in addition to thinking about what we put IN our bodies, its time to take a look at what we put ON our bodies. The skin is the largest organ of the body and is semi permeable, meaning that anything we use topically on our skin, eventually enters our bloodstream. Any beauty product that enters your home should be toxin free (free of mineral oil, sulfates, parabans, gmos, preservatives, fragrance, etc…the list is long)  The best beauty products are going to be made at home with simple ingredients. From shampoo to makeup, nearly every essential beauty product and toiletry can be replaced with a more natural green DIY option. If DIY is not your thing, there are many brands that are organic and ethical that sell hair products, lotions, toothpastes, deodorant, make up, and even chlorine free toilet paper and feminine hygiene products.  Someone who lives a healthy hippie lifestyle takes the time to research a product and company and makes the right choice when consuming products. A hippie will vote organic with their dollar!


4. Cleaning/Home Supplies– In order to have a healthy way of life, what you use in your home, and what kind of products contribute to your indoor air, is very important. Things like ammonia, bleach, aerosols, and heavily laden chemicals with poison control warnings on the side are not the type of things you will find in a hippie’s cleaning supply closet. Staples in a healthy home are vinegar, baking soda, plant based soap (like Dr. Bronners) and a variety of essential oils. Having these staples basically covers every DIY natural cleaning product recipe you can find. Using gentle yet effective ingredients to clean your home will free you of worrying your kids will get into the cleaning supplies and it will leave your whole family breathing fresher air. Even things like what type of paint you use on your walls and what type of mattress you have can contribute to toxic air. Most everything in your home should be examined.


5. Spirituality- Spirituality is a huge part of a well balanced healthy life. Not everyone believes in the same thing but most hippies will tell you they believe in God, Jesus Christ, or the great spirit of the universe. Most at the very least believe in a higher power.  They definitely believe in the miracle of the human body, and the magnificence of its ability to heal under the right circumstances.  Many healthy hippies will spend time in prayer or meditation to relax the mind and nourish the soul. People who have a lot of spirituality are more concerned about human souls then about material things.


6. Minimalism- Speaking of material things, that is where my next step comes in. Minimalism is something that is very trendy right now, and for good reason! Minimizing your physical belongings to just necessities clears not only your home space but also your mental space. Having less materialism and clutter leaves way for a peaceful mind. It is easier to focus on your needs, desires, and purpose when the place you live in is neat and organized. Many people who live a healthy hippie lifestyle consume less, use capsule wardrobes, have very few pairs of shoes, have no piles or boxes of things unused, minimal beauty regimen and only have what they need in their day to day lives. Minimizing your home gives you a simple relaxing environment to unwind in.


7. Music- Music is a huge part of the hippie culture. Whether its classic rock, folk, indie, disco, reggae, jazz, funk, blues, or any other genre of music, the type of music you listen to can shape your life. A hippie will use music to motivate themselves, to soothe themselves, and to inspire themselves. No matter their mood, there is a song for that. “Hippies use music to express themselves emotionally, spiritually, and politically. Music can make a statement, give voice to a movement, even unite us.” – www.hipplanet.com The music a healthy person listens to is going to be free of cuss words and full of positive vibes.


8. The Great Outdoors- When you think of the stereotypical hippie, you might see a girl with long hair barefoot in a flowing dress standing in a field of flowers…and that might actually be an accurate picture of a hippie. The healthy hippie loves being outside in nature. Whether they are taking a hike in the woods, Frisbee golfing, or doing yoga on the beach, being outside often is a must. Not only do you absorb vitamin d from the most natural and powerful source, you can ground yourself by being barefoot in the dirt.



9. Passion for a Cause- Having passion in life is a must to be healthy. A passion for helping other people, animals or the environment is even better.  Many healthy hippies would consider themselves activists. They might protest human rights, animal rights, pollution, gmo foods, or politics.  They work to spread awareness and truth to those around them. They help to give a voice to those that don’t have one.


10. Goals to Change the World-  Step 9 and 10 go hand in hand. The reason why a lot of hippies are activists is because they have a bigger picture goal of changing the world for the better. They want to leave mother earth better than they found it. They want the future generation to have a good life.  I know many healthy hippies that are full of drive and really care about making a positive impact in our society. Many work for themselves and are entrepreneurs, instead of working for “the man” at some large corporation. They are photographers, network marketers, real estate agents, bloggers, farmers, health coaches, naturopaths, and chiropractors. Others work for ethical business owners. Maybe on a farm, at a kids camp, at a locally sourced restaurant, a boutique shop down town, a record store, or for a non profit organization. The healthy hippies life will reflect a passion for kindness, helping others, and all around just being a good person.


You might be right on track with all of these steps or you might be quite overwhelmed and in need of a major lifestyle change. If the second person is you, take one step at a time from the beginning. Take as long as you need with each step and research as much as you can. You will be amazed at the amount of growth that happens with your body, mind and soul as you incorporate each step into your life. You will become more at peace with the world and happier in yourself. You will have so much energy it will be fun and exciting to help other people. Being the best person you can be – is what being a hippie is all about.

Embrace the peace, love and happiness. 

Happy Trails


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